Biologics Platform

Upon identification of targets with potential therapeutic application, we systematically probe the relationship between protein structure and function to inform the generation of drug candidates. This deep understanding of target biology enables us to engineer recombinant proteins or antibodies with optimized pharmacological profiles by tuning signal specificity and physiochemical and/or pharmacokinetic properties as a means of enhancing therapeutic potential. 

We have developed a high-throughput antibody generation platform that encompasses multiple technologies to generate and screen monoclonal antibodies. In addition, we have built an armamentarium of protein and antibody engineering capabilities to generate bispecific antibodies, bifunctional antibody fusions and a variety of fusion proteins.

By pairing our deep understanding of fundamental biological mechanisms with our expertise in protein and antibody engineering, we are positioned to translate our proprietary insights into potential first-in-class medicines for previously unidentified or intractable targets.