Mutually Beneficial Strategic Partnerships

We believe that collaboration is a key driver and accelerator of innovation and value creation in the drug discovery industry. NGM seeks to establish partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with a shared commitment to advancing the development and commercialization of breakthrough medicines.

Our current collaboration:

In February 2015 we formed a comprehensive strategic collaboration with Merck for the discovery, development and commercialization of novel therapies across a range of therapeutic areas. As part of the collaboration, Merck secured an exclusive worldwide license to our NP201 program, comprising NGM386, NGM395 and other NP201 agonist compounds. In addition, the collaboration includes a broad, multi-year drug discovery and early development program that provides NGM with extensive funding as well as research autonomy. Merck has the right to take an exclusive worldwide license to NGM programs funded by the collaboration that complete a human proof-of-concept study. If Merck exercises its option, Merck will be responsible for the global development and commercialization of that program, with NGM having the right to participate in a worldwide cost and profit share arrangement of up to 50%. NGM also has the option to co-detail optioned products in the United States.

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