NGM386 and NGM395

NGM386 and NGM395 are the lead product candidates in our program addressing the GDF15 signaling pathway. GDF15 is a human hormone expressed by tissues involved in core metabolic functions, including the liver, and facilitates essential metabolic activities by reducing body weight and normalizing blood glucose. Our research indicates that the hormone’s mechanism of action is a fundamental part of the body’s maintenance of a normal weight set point, and we believe that GDF15 is a potential novel and differentiated pathway relative to existing options for the treatment of core metabolic conditions, including obesity, type 2 diabetes and NASH.

We have advanced two engineered variants of GDF15 into development: NGM386, a once-daily formulation and NGM395, a long-acting molecule. We granted Merck a worldwide license to further research, develop and commercialize NGM386, NGM395 and other GDF15 agonists, and have an option to participate in the global development and commercialization when a candidate has advanced to Phase 3 trials.

Additional information about NGM’s pioneering work on the biology of GDF15 and its cognate receptor GFRAL can be found here.