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At NGM Bio, you’ll hear us talk about our R&D approach … a lot.

That’s because it is the very core of our company. We are a fiercely science-driven culture, and why and how we arrive at drug candidates is just as important to us as what those candidates are.


Uncompromising conviction to follow the science

We ask four key questions before embarking on a potential discovery program:

Is the target a fundamental driver of the disease?

Is this a serious disease that impacts human health globally?

Can our understanding of the underlying biology and approach to drug discovery contribute unique insights and therapeutic opportunities?

Would the intervention have the potential to profoundly transform treatment and address a large unmet medical need?

Only ‘whiteboard concepts’ that meet these criteria move forward as NGM Bio discovery programs.


Operating at the Nexus of Disciplines

We employ a variety of experimental approaches in our efforts to uncover novel, proprietary insights about biological processes, including high-content analyses, functional genomics and unbiased, in vivo-based discovery methods. Linking the empirical pursuit of novel biology with our protein and antibody engineering expertise enables us to find the optimal modality to enhance each product candidate’s therapeutic potential.

Our Process

Seamless Integration of Biology and Biologics

We pair a research approach that generates novel biological insights with our expertise in protein and antibody engineering to transform those insights into breakthrough biologics product candidates. This seamless internal process seeks to address the challenges of drug discovery for diseases that involve complex, integrated biological pathways. Aimed at quickly identifying a lead candidate, our differentiated approach enables rapid advancement to and evaluation of proof-of-concept in humans.


Broad pipeline spanning diverse diseases

With a focus squarely on hypothesis-generating research at the bench, complemented by hypothesis-testing research in the clinic, we have broad interests that cut across conventional disciplines and therapeutic areas.

The novel therapeutics we are developing, several of which are already in the clinic, are based on our scientific understanding of key biological pathways underlying cardio-metabolic, liver, oncologic and ophthalmic diseases. We also have early research underway in other therapeutic areas and diseases.

Learn more about our pipeline.

NGM Values

NGM's R&D engine is focused on productivity and guided by a set of core scientific values. These values serve as a framework for our differentiated approach to drug discovery and development and have enabled the generation of a robust portfolio of product candidates.

Fearlessly open-minded

We bold explore new and merging scientific territory and remain open to changing course based on empirical observation and scientific instincts. We quickly mobilize to execute on revised strategies.


Uncompromising standards

Our reboots and sustainable in-house R&D engine enables us to rapidly advance programs. With every program, we hold ourselves to a rigorous science-based decision-making process, ensuring we maintain scientific integrity in everything that we do.


Workplace democracy

Hierarchy is overrated. Motivated by a strong central purpose and shared commitment to patients, every team member at NGM plays a vital role in furthering our aspirations and has equal opportunity to impact our progress. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential for the success of our employees and our company.


Collaborative synergy

We share a common drive to pursue great science in our hunt for important new medicines. We don't believe in siloed disciplines. Because we work better when we work together, we seamlessly integrate cross-functional expertise for each program.


Focused on transformative impact

We are not content to merely treat disease symptoms or make incremental improvements to existing therapies. Rather, we aspire to fundamentally transform the treatment of disease by tapping into powerful human biology.


"At NGM, individual accomplishments are recognized, and an individual can make a really big impact. I think we also have a culture that promotes risk-taking. There are probably many places where, if you fail, you may be penalized. So, you just play it safe, do things incremental. Whereas here, if you do something bold and fail, you're still rewarded. You're rewarded for doing good science."



Career Opportunities