Powerful Biology.  Novel Medicines.  Transformative Impact.


We presented preliminary findings from our ongoing Phase 1a/1b dose escalation study of NGM120 in patients with advanced solid tumors at the ESMO Virtual Congress 2021.

Powerful Biology.  Novel Medicines.  Transformative Impact.

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We unveiled our fourth oncology candidate, NGM831, an ILT3 antagonist antibody

NGM831, NGM707 and NGM438 comprise our comprehensive myeloid reprogramming strategy.

Powerful Biology.  Novel Medicines.  Transformative Impact.


NGM707, now in Phase 1/2 study, is a novel dual antagonist inhibiting ILT2 and ILT4

ILT2 and ILT4 may serve as checkpoints that enable tumors to evade immune detection.

Powerful Biology.  Novel Medicines.  Transformative Impact.


NGM438 is a novel antagonist antibody inhibiting LAIR1

LAIR1 may form a stromal checkpoint that impedes anti-tumor immunity.

Powerful Biology.  Novel Medicines.  Transformative Impact.


To translate complex powerful biology with urgency and rigor to deliver life-changing medicines

View our pipeline of novel investigational medicines spanning multiple therapeutic areas.

Powerful Biology.  Novel Medicines.  Transformative Impact.


NGM621's potential: reducing disease progression in geographic atrophy (GA)

GA is a progressive retinal degenerative disease
impacting over 5 million people worldwide.

Powerful Biology.  Novel Medicines.  Transformative Impact.


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We aspire to operate one of the most productive R&D engines in the biopharma industry.

Our broad, diverse pipeline of novel, first-in-class medicines spans multiple therapeutic areas and diseases. Every program focuses on a large market indication with high unmet needs and a common goal: delivering outsized impact for patients.


We have built our company around core scientific values that frame our approach to drug discovery and development.

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NGM621 for Geographic Atrophy (GA)

NGM621, our anti-complement C3 antibody, is currently in Phase 2 study (CATALINA) as a treatment to potentially reduce disease progression in patients with GA and with the potential for every eight week dosing.

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