We aspire to operate one of the most productive R&D engines in the biopharma industry.

Our broad, diverse pipeline of novel, first-in-class medicines spans multiple therapeutic areas and diseases. Every program focuses on a large market indication with high unmet needs and a common goal: delivering outsized impact for patients.


We have built our company around core scientific values that frame our approach to drug discovery and development.

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NGM282 (aldafermin) for NASH

Significantly improving liver steatosis, inflammation, and fibrosis.

Our lead product, NGM282 (aldafermin), is a first-in-class, non-tumorigenic, engineered variant of the human hormone FGF19 that has demonstrated a rapid regression of liver fibrosis and improvement in liver function by targeting multiple pathogenic pathways of NASH.


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Our People Are Our Platform.

What makes NGM tick? Really smart team members who love working together to pursue great science and share a common drive to deliver a huge impact for patients. We have no hierarchies. We collaborate intensively, embrace risk freely and always swing for the fence.

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