Targeted Drug Discovery

NGM’s most advanced drug discovery efforts aim to find new medicines to treat cardio-metabolic diseases, liver diseases and cancer, the latter by developing therapeutics in a field known as immuno-oncology or cancer immunotherapy. Two common threads run through these therapeutic areas. First, many patients are severely or fatally impacted by these diseases each year because optimal therapeutic options are lacking. Second, a comprehensive understanding of the underlying biology that initiates and drives these diseases is still emerging. At NGM, we believe interrogating these biologies can lead to the discovery and development of new medicines that will redirect the course of human disease and significantly improve the lives of patients.

While industry research efforts typically pursue targets or pathways with ostensible links to a disease, NGM focuses solely on the most powerful biological mechanisms that we believe drive disease pathophysiology. Thereafter, we develop proprietary biologics to treat the diseases through those mechanisms. We seek to identify or elucidate novel targets or pathways, while inventing novel ways of modulating well-known biological targets that may potentiate previously unavailable treatment options. All of NGM’s announced clinical candidates are first-in-class therapies and several are modulating targets or pathways that were first identified by NGM.